Hints for the Teacher

Guide your students in asking questions. You are also welcome to ask your own questions. It is important that students first do basic research about their topic. Encourage students to ask specific questions that are not answerable with classroom and library resources. Be sure that students include their grade level in their e-mail so that the scientist can respond appropriately. Be aware that scientists are encouraged to give suggestions about what the student might do to find the answer to his or her question rather than giving "the answer".

Hints for the Student

So you have a question. That's great! Be sure you include your grade level in your e-mail to the scientist. Tell what you are doing and why, or tell the scientist how you came up with your question. Tell them what research you've done or what sources you've used. Remember, you may not get a direct answer to your question. You may instead be referred to other on-line sources or given hints on how to go about finding the answer to your question on your own. Good luck!

Search Hints

Click on one of the grade level ranges and one science area. Type one or more key words from the topic you want to find Start the search process. Spelling is important, the search process will scan the SCORE Science collection for exact matches of the key word(s) you type. Hints: If you want to expand your search, use more than one keyword with "or" between each word. SCORE search will find entries with any of the words typed. If you want to limit the results of your search, use more than one keyword with "and" between each word. Example: To find materials on the Internet about the planet Mars to use with your 4th grade class, you would click the button for grade level 4-6, select Earth/Space Science under subject, and type "Mars" as your keyword. If you get no results for "Mars", you could try the keyword "planet" or you could use the keyword phrase "solar system" for more general sites that may have information about Mars along with other planetary information.

Using your Web Browser

Netscape: To go Back in a frame with Netscape 2.0x, hold the mouse button down in the window you would like to go back in. In Netscape 3.0 use the back button.