DiverseCity Game Rules

PLAYERS: For 3 to 8 players

OBJECT: Be the first player to collect an ethnic card from each of the five groups (African American, Asian, Caucasian, Latino/Hispanic, and Salad Bowl) and return to the Start/Finish space. To win, one must successfully navigate the streets of diversity, taking advantage of all opportunities while avoiding carjacks, impounding, prison, and riots. This is a game of skill, knowledge, interaction, and luck.


1 Playing Board
1 Pair of Dice
8 Player Pieces
8 Peace/Riot Cards
48 Ethnic Cards
150 DiverseCity Cards
250 Ethnic Quiz Cards

Your job: Pass out a pen and a sheet of paper to all participants.
Have each person write their name on the top of the paper so that it is clearly visible to all players. (For Eracism questions) Tape the game down on a flat surface.


  1. Each player chooses a player piece and places it on the Start/Finish space.
  2. Players roll dice to determine who starts. High number starts.
  3. Players take turns in clockwise direction.
  4. Direction of Player Piece movement can be any direction unless the player is on the One-Way Street.
  5. Once committed to a direction of movement, a player cannot backtrack while moving.
  6. Move to each of the ethnic spaces and correctly answer the respective question (read to you by the player on your right) thereby collecting the respective Ethnic Card.
  7. Once earned, Ethnic Cards are to be placed face-up in front of the respective players in view of the other players.
  8. Players do not roll again after answering an ethnic question correctly or incorrectly. They must move on their next turn.
  9. Once a player collects all five ethnic cards, he/she must return to the Start/Finish space with all five cards to win the game.
  10. A player can keep only ONE DUPLICATE ETHNIC CARD. Therefore, SIX is the maximum number of Ethnic Cards one can have.
  11. If a player lands on an occupied space, except for Prison and Impound, the player may "CARDJACK" i.e., take ONE Ethnic Card from one or more players on the same space.
  12. The cardjackee may prevent the cardjacker from taking a card by revealing a Pepper Spray, or Plain-Clothed Officer card. These cards are obtained through the DiverseCity Card stack and are immediately returned after use.
  13. To Riot, one must either land on the Riot Space or select the Riot Card from the DiverseCity Card stack.
    Individually, players must decide whether to riot or to have peace. After deciding, players place their respective Riot/Peace cards in front of them with their hands covering their choice, then simultaneously reveal the outcome.

    IF ALL CHOOSE PEACE, nothing is lost or gained by anyone. Resume play. (You are all getting along.)

    IF ONE PERSON RIOTS, he/she receives an Ethnic Card of his/her choice from the Ethnic Card stack.

    IF TWO PEOPLE RIOT, they both lose an Ethnic Card of their choice which is returned to the Ethnic Card stack.

    IF THREE OR MORE RIOT, everybody loses an Ethnic Card of their choice which is returned to the Ethnic Card stack.

THE Board Spaces:

Start/Finish - This is where everybody starts the game and where one must go to win after collecting all five Ethnic Cards.

Asian, White/Caucasian, Latino/Hispanic, African American, and Salad Bowl
The player on your right will select a card from the respective stack and ask the question. If you answer it correctly you receive an Ethnic Card of that category. If you answer incorrectly you get nothing and you must leave and return to try again.

DiverseCity - Select the top card from the DiverseCity stack. (More details on this later)
If it is an Interactive DiverseCity Question ask the question. This is where that sheet of paper comes in.
If it is a "Do the Riot Activity" card, do the Riot Activity.
If it is an Pepper Spray, Bail, Parking Permit,or Plain Clothed Officer do not divulge what it is and hold on to it until you need it. Place this card face down in front of you in view of the other players.
If it is a "Go To" card, go to the respective space.

Go To - Go to the location that it tells you. Perform whatever function the space dictates.

Hate Crime - Roll one die. Odd number means you were the perpetrator of the crime; go to prison and suffer its consequences.
Even number means you were the victim of the crime and there are no penalties.

Move X Spaces - Move however many spaces the directions indicate.

Tow Away - Go to the "Impound Yard" and lose a turn.

Thru-Traffic - Roll the dice and move again.

Prison - Lose an Ethinic Card of your choice and lose one turn.

Impound Yard - Lose one turn.

Riot - Do "Riot Activity" using the Riot/Peace activity cards.

Accident - Lose one turn.

THE DiverseCity CARDS

Upon landing on a DiverseCity space, the player draws a DiverseCity Card.

There are basically two types of DiverseCity Cards:

1. DiverseCity Cards that the player reads to the group (Interactive DiverseCity Questions)
The objective of Interactive DiverseCity Questions is for a player to predict who the majority of players will select that best fits a description.
The questions are directed to all participants including the player reading the question.

How to proceed with Interactive DiverseCity Questions:

  1. If a player lands on a DiverseCity space that is an Interactive DiverseCity Question, he reads the question out loud.
  2. The other players secretly write the name of the player (from the name slips) who they feel best fits the description.
  3. The reader must make his selection based on who he thinks will receive the majority vote.
  4. Simultaneously everybody reveals their answers and determine who received the most votes or who tied for the most votes.
  5. If the reader selected the person with the most votes, or one of the people who tied for the most votes, he rolls one die.
    If he rolls an even number, he goes to any ethnic space and proceeds with answering a question. Cardjacking is permitted.
    If he rolls an odd number, his turn is over.
  6. If he did not select anyone with the most votes, his turn is over.
  7. All Go To... and Riot cards pulled from the DiverseCity stack must be read out loud and acted upon IMMEDIATELY.

2. DiverseCity Cards that the player KEEPS and DOES NOT READ TO THE GROUP
These DiverseCity cards can help the player later in the game. These include:

Pepper Spray Card - This card prevents you from being cardjacked when presented to a cardjacker.

Plain Clothed Officer Card - This card exempts you from being cardjacked.

The cardjacker goes to prison and suffers the consequences.

Bail Card - This card exempts you from going to jail and it’s consequences.

Parking Permit Card - This card will exempt you from being towed away.

IMPORTANT! These cards are to be placed in plain view, face-down in front of the player.

Do not reveal the nature of these cards until necessary. (A strategy tool)

ALL CARDS MUST BE RETURNED to the DiverseCity stack after each use.





Answer: Rule #10. Six. You can keep only one duplicate Ethnic Card.



Answer: Rule #11. Yes, you can cardjack everyone in the square you land on. But cardjacker beware! Players displaying

DiverseCity cards may have a Pepper Spray or Plain Clothed Officer card.

Also remember, you can take only one Ethnic Card per player.

To cardjack, simply say, "I’m cardjacking you." and then demand a specific Ethnic Card.

At that point, if the victim has the necessary DiverseCity card, that player may reveal it and prevent the cardjack.



Answer: Rule #7 & #12. Absolutely NOT! Keep your Ethnic Cards face up in front of you and your

DiverseCity cards face down in front of you for all players to see.



Answer: Sorry, no one is above the law!



Answer: Rule #12. All DiverseCity cards must be returned to the DiverseCity stack after use.



Answer: Rule #11. No.



There are two main reasons to riot; to personally gain an Ethnic Card and, or to cause a player(s) to lose an Ethnic Card.

Remember, this is a situation which pits the "haves" against the "have-nots" (those who don’t have Ethnic Cards).

Chances are that if there are a lot of "have-nots", they will probably go for a riot. Try to read everyone’s situation and

personality. If you’re playing with conservative personalities, you may want to risk obtaining an Ethnic Card by going for a riot.

Also, try to make deals with other players, (i.e. pledges not to cardjack, etc.).

It makes no sense to riot when everyone has a lot to lose. On the other hand, rioting makes a lot of sense if one or more

players have gained a substantial lead in Ethnic Cards.