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Goals & Objectives

In this lesson, students in grades 7-12 should be able to accomplish the following:

Students will use the Internet to conduct background research, analyze data, and determine the variables of volcanic activity.

Students will formulate questions, choose possible solutions to a problem and demonstrate their findings through student designed investigations.

Students will utilize problem solving skills in "defining," "generalizing," "comparing and contrasting," "predicting," and "inferring."

Students will understand the role of volcanoes on earth. . .
i.e. as the primary source of our atmosphere, oceans...


Students are able to use the Internet to search and find information.

Students are able to communicate with others electronically.

Students are able to identify different types of volcanoes, what they produce, and what their legacy can leave behind.

Students are able to describe how different volcanoes work and what various factors make them different.

Students are able to work together cooperatively.

Students are able to present their findings in both written and oral form.