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Homer's Hill

Homer's Hill
Hot Spot Production
Starring Homer "aa" Gump
Rated PG (Pyroclastics Galore)

This action packed adventure / drama / comedy / suspense / documentary film explodes with incredible effects that will blow your socks off!
Homer, a scientifically challenged volcanologist, stumbles upon a plot to trigger multiple worldwide volcanic eruptions which will cause a global winter due to the massive quantities of sunlight blocking airborn ash. Krusty Plates, the volcanic villan, owns a great deal of mountain real estate and if his plot succeeds, he would become a filthy rich ski resort tycoon. Homer must work against time and his own intelligence to stop this evil person.

You will have a gas observing this caldera of flowing adventure. There is nothing obsidian in this film and we take nothing for granite. The basalt weapons used are real, so grab your Diorite Cola and park yourself under a central vent because you will have a lava fun!

Watch for Homer and Krusty action figures along with the "Homer's Hill" action video game on CD at a toy store near you!

1997 Hot Spot Production