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The producer knows little about volcano terminology but she does know what the script calls for and she knows what it takes to make a good movie.

This is a check list of what the producer needs:
Refer to the Glossary of Terms as needed.

  • An active caldera

  • A cinder cone

  • A stratovolcano that has recently erupted.

  • A crater lake

  • A fumerol

  • A lava tube

  • Hardened lava fields of pahoehoe and aa

  • An image of a volcanic arc

  • An area with multiple volcanic necks

  • Technical information such as what it is, how it works, where do you find them, what the composition is, the history of it, and anything else that you can find on the subject.

  • The volcano filming schedule will be in the months of July, August and September

  • All locations must be accessible by land or air

  • All locations must have governments that will accommodate our (American) needs

  • A presentation of your findings