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Student Activities

Mt. Fuji


Work with one or two other student volcanologists that will share the work and function as a team.

Remember, your goal is to find suitable volcanic locations and technical information that will fulfill the needs of the movie production under the guidance of the producer (Often the person with the Big Bucks).
Listed below is the list of activities that your team must accomplish.

  1. Create a volcanic journal (paper or electronic) to record ALL your findings.
  2. Review material on volcanoes.
  3. Review what the producer needs before you start. Print the list if necessary.
  4. Organize a team "To Do" list to make your research more efficient.
  5. Go to the Resource page to find useful links to initiate your search.
  6. Ask a Volcanologist about specific "intelligent" questions pertaining to your search.
  7. Organize a presentation that will impress the producer.