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Work with one or two other student biologists.

Search for and select a shorebird whose population is threatened or endangered.
Go to the Resources for this lesson to get started.
Create a "shorebird journal" using the computer or in a notebook.
  • In your "journal" record three reasons why you choose your particular shorebird.
  • Record some interesting and amazing facts about your shorebird.
  • Include a list of bookmarks and/or print the most important resources you find on-line.
  • Make a place for questions that come up during the project . . .
    Each question should help you find some information and lead you to pose new questions.
  • Collect data to help answer your questions. For example, make comparisons of total population numbers for your shorebird, over time, to help you understand how bird numbers are estimated.
    As you find out really interesting stuff about your shorebird share it with other kids and adults. Try these neat ways to exchange ideas and tell people what you find:
  • Subscribe for free to the Shorebird Mailing List at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Ask questions and get answers at the Ask a Scientist Area of SCORE Science.
  • Identify ways that you can become actively involved with protecting the future of the bird species you choose to investigate.

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