Goals and Objectives
In this lesson, students in grades 5-12 should be able to accomplish the following:

  • Students will use the Internet to conduct background research, analyze data, and explore environmental problems associated with the depletion of shorebird populations.

  • Students will formulate questions, choose possible solutions to a problem and demonstrate their findings through student designed investigations.

  • Students will ultilize problem solving skills in "defining," "generalizing," "comparing and contrasting," "predicting," and "infering."

  • Students will understand the role of shorebirds . . .
    i.e. as a food source biological control agent (insect control, etc...)

  • Objectives

  • Students are able to use the Internet to search and find information.

  • Students are able to communicate with others electronically.

  • Students are able to identify environmental factors affecting shorebird populations.

  • Students are able to describe migratory hazards and factors that shorebirds face.

  • Students are able to work together cooperatively.

  • Students are able to present their findings.

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