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Goals and Objectives
In this lesson, students in grades 10, 11 and 12 should
be able to accomplish the following:


  • Collect air samples

  • Know the difference between particulate matter and gas contaminantes in the air

  • Build their own sampling device

  • Run a sample and analyze what they get

  • Do long term data collection and analysis

  • Do record keeping

  • Objectives

  • Objective #1
  • To collect enough particulate matter air samples to determine a normal amount

  • Objective #2
  • To compare the sample amounts with data from the state of California's Air Quality Board

  • Objective #3
  • To become familiar with long term data collection and analysis procedures

  • Objective #4
  • To be able to write up and publish the results of this study for their area

  • Objective #5
  • To be able to compare their results with those of other students participating in the same study using the Internet