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Suggested Student Investigations
Here are some investigations you might want to do, to further
your understanding of air pollution.

  • Look up all the different regulations governing air in your area.

  • Investigate businesses in your area to see if they are in compliance

  • Find out what can be done to make local businesses stop polluting your air

  • Talk to business owners about how much it costs them to stop pollution

  • Find out how much the cost of what you buy in the market is affected by anti-pollution measures

  • Talk to environmental activists about what they due to minimize air pollution

  • Go to a hospital which treats patients with lung problems and ask the staff what effect air pollution has had on the lungs of their patients

  • Talk to some one who smokes cicarettes about the pollution they are creating for themselves and others

  • Find out what is happening to the manufacturers of cigarettes in relation to their production of pollution

  • Have a class discussion on who has to pay for anti-pollution measures