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Data Sharing and Publishing
To share data from your project, use some of the following hints.

Be sure to use the same data gathering format as your colleagues and measure the same parameters. If one school is doing aerosols and another school is doing particulate matter, it's not going to work. On-line conferencing before the data gathering period is highly advisable too.

The designated data co-ordinator's job is to make up the standard data collection forms and distribute them to each participant.

Weekly talks, either on-line via e-mail or by fax or phone, keep things running smoothly. It's amazing what can go wrong in a short period of time.

Once the data is been collected and analysed, a publishing mechanism needs to be implemented. If this is decided on before-hand, then the data, graphs and summaries can be put right into the standard form as they appear. Publishing can take place within the the study group, on-line publishing can happen if you have your own web site, or related journals can be solicited. This is a great way to get your kid's work into print ! Click on Show Your Stuff to check ideas.