Your group will assume one of the roles listed below.  Your input at the public hearing should incorporate a point of view consistent with your role.


  1. Form groups of 2 to 4 students and select a role that your group will fulfill.

  2. Read the fictional newspaper account of a child being stung by red imported fire ants while playing at school.  It appears on the opening page of the Web site.

  3. Read the letter from the school board to the county board of supervisors for the county in which the school is located.  This will be given to you by your teacher.

  4. Read the notice of the public hearing.  This will be given to you by your teacher.

  5. Visit the Team Page to see a few suggestions on how to proceed as a functional, efficient group.

  6. Visit the Show Your Stuff! page to review both the group and individual requirements for this project.

  7. Use the Resources page to begin your research into the Red Imported Fire Ant.

  8. Complete your group research and work products prior to the public hearing.

  9. Complete your individual requirements.