Below are a list of questions and statements.  Use information gathered from the online resources to completely answer all the questions and statements.

  1. What are the two scientific names (genus species) given to the Red Imported Fire Ant?

  2. Of the two, which is the most accepted?  Which is most proper?

  3. The RIFA is not indigenous to the United States.  Define indigenous.

  4. Where is "home" for the RIFA?

  5. Where and when did the RIFA enter the United States?

  6. How did the RIFA enter the United States?

  7. What is the current distribution of RIFA in the United States?

  8. What is the average distance that RIFA spread in one year?

  9. Describe the two major reasons that RIFA's habitat has continued to spread throughout the United States.

  10. In what ways could RIFA spread to areas of California without widespread infestation of Arizona and New Mexico?

  11. List at least three methods currently being used to stop the spread of RIFA?