You will be working in teams of 2 to 4 students.  Teamwork will be essential for each member to achieve the highest marks.  The following are suggestions that will help your group operate efficiently.

  1. Prior to starting the research, review the group and individual requirements for this project.

  2. Review what is required to complete the "Scavenger Hunt" form.

  3. Determine an appropriate division of labor, the expectations for each group member, and a timeline for completion of all group work.  (Keep in mind that individual work may require an early completion of group work.)  It may be helpful to appoint a project manager to oversee both individual and group progress.

  4. Work cooperatively.  Have a brief meeting at the beginning of class to chart the day's work.  Have a brief meeting at the end of class to assess your progress and exchange information.

  5. Work outside of class to assure that each member completes their tasks.

  6. Check each other's progress on a daily basis.

  7. Be supportive of your teammates.