Activity: Investigate Possible Cause




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1. How Can You Help the Blue Babies?
  • Why are they turning blue?
  • How was this problem caused?
  • What can you suggest to solve the problem?
  • Who could you communicate with to make changes?
2. Why would a baby, or anyone, look like they're turning blue? Think about it, talk to someone else if you can.

-Did you come up with some kind of illness that affected their skin, their blood, their breathing? 

3. Choose one of the possible ways that something could have gotten into the babies to make them sick.

Each of these questions that you answer adds to the work needed in helping these babies.

(After you've done your best to search and think about the information you've found......Go to Show your stuff to see more.)

The original dancing baby was created with 3DStudio Max and Character Studio from Kinetix, with demo files that ship with the product. BabyCha.avi (The famous internet version) - Animation by Michael Girard, Robert Lurye & Ron Lussier