Resource links for teachers...
general uses of the internet for research, and special resources for the Blue Babies online activities
Information Literacy

A draft of skills students need to acquire to assimilate data in the information age.

Lesson to help kids get past Plagiarism 

Referencing Online Documents In Scientific Publications

SCORE Teacher on Assignment, Dede Bartels, has developed this World Wide Web reference for teachers and students.

Quick Example of How to Cite

To cite files available for viewing/dowloading via the World Wide Web, give the author's name (if known), the full title of the work in quotation marks, the title of the complete work if applicable in italics,

the document date if known and if different from the date accessed, the full http address, and the date of visit.

Burka, Lauren P. "A Hypertext History of Multi-User

Dimensions." The MUDdex. 1993.

(5 Dec. 1994).

The SCORE History/Social Science site has great resources on how to have an "Internet Classroom"

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) help page for teachers... grants, programs... and searching

kids water experiments

Downloadable, printable files of lessons (their own helppage)

More water activities and experiments for kids

A report of the quality of water resources, by state and region state of nation's water-

great info/graphics on how groundwater can be polluted

Watershed management program(EPA).. how can we manage the problem?

document "letter" on how to TRADE water use impacts and needs... could be a model of how the industry communicates

Great teacher Linda Ullah's links to what artists have thought about water

groundwater glossary- A glossary of terms for understanding groundwater issues

A short splash of info on "Blue Baby Syndrome"

CNN article on blue babies and water

The drinking water FAQ (frequently asked questions)

EPA chart on water quality and health problems -MUST HAVE item.... print it.*****

Know your nitrogen... bigger picture

Great information on nitrates.... also test kit ordering

news article with lots of info

great page, water treatment graphic, epa chart included **

Great site for monitoring info... and for getting involved!





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