Scarlet Fever-This is a problem, especially in babies and children, that has as one of the symptoms a red (scarlet) rash in several areas of the body

Signs and Symptoms:

In scarlet fever, a skin rash appears in a child who has an infection caused by Group A streptococci bacteria. This strep infection is usually seen as a sore throat, but it can also rarely be a skin infection (impetigo).

The rash of scarlet fever usually begins like a bad sunburn with tiny bumps (papules), and it may itch. The rash usually appears first on the neck and face, often leaving a clear unaffected area around the mouth. It spreads to the chest and back, then to the rest of the body. In body creases, especially around the underarms and elbows, the rash forms classic red streaks called Pastia's lines. Areas of rash usually blanch (turn white) when you press on them.

By the sixth day of a strep infection the rash usually fades, but the affected skin may begin to peel.





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