Time to "Show Your Stuff":
Make Information work for you.... Pick your Challenge below, ask your teacher if you need ideas on the best ways to Present your findings




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Show your stuff

Your Title Your Action Your Role Personal Benefits
Observer find the cause of illness,what happens in the body
when this contamination is taken in
(write, draw, present)
concerned citizen feel good
Advocate write a letter to a newspaper
describing problem and causes
(use pictures, graphs, and facts)
active citizen thank you notes,
pies, cookies, from
thankful Moms
Activist Organize a presentation you could
give to City Council about how people
can protect themselves from this illness
(a slide show would be very good)
consumer protection
$100 citizenship award
Special Projects
Add to your presentation on how consumers
can protect themselves, with information on how
our agricultural and water use practices could be
better managed to avoid contamination in the
first place.
Manage the Research
Job with EPA
$57,000 per year
Why are they turning blue?
  • How was this problem caused?
  • What can you suggest to solve the problem?

Who could you communicate with to make changes?

These were the starting questions.... How have you done so far? Working Tip: Open a page in your word processor, and record notes on what you've found so far ..... later you can Copy > Paste those notes somewhere else.

Try going to this MAP to try to figure out where the nitrates are coming from, and why they are getting in the babies water.