Chem Lab Experiments

A. Chalk It Up

Your favorite teacher is in the middle of a lesson,
and just as she's drawing a map of Asia Minor,
she runs out of chalk!  No Problem, you call
as you make a quick dash to your lab.
But can you create the chalk she needs before school is out?

Raw materials:

Target substance: calcium cabonate (solid)

B. Pinch Hitting

Seasoning your favorite stew, you realize that you've added
enough herbs, squeezed enough lemon, and stirred in enough stock
-- but it still doesn't taste as delicious as last time.
Aha!  You've got it.  Can you create the needed ingredient
to make your dinner a mouthwatering treat?
Raw materials:

Target substance: sodium chloride (solid)


They started in the sewers, and now they've taken to the streets!
Thosands of rats roam the city -- and only you know the
secret formula that will exterminate them.
Can you concoct the rat poison in time?
Raw materials:

Target substance: carbon disulfide (liquid)

D. Feed For Thought

An explosion rips through the Feedrite Fertilizer Company,
and it's chief chemist has asked you to help determine the cause.
What's your theory on the big boom?
Raw materials:

Target substance: ammonium nitrate (solid)


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