1. Your first task is to search the types of communications found on Earth using your spaceship's equipment.
  2. Go to the ship's database to test your equipment. The first assignment is to see if you can find three examples of how sound can travel through different mediums and return to these directions.
  3. Working in a group of 4, you are asked to identify the timelines during which these inventions took place. Then, make sure to identify the materials needed for exploration of models of telephones/sound simulations, telegraphs/circuits and drums. Begin with one at a time, and make a list of materials needed, so you can ask yoru "ship's superior" for them.
  4. With your team, make an outline or flowchart on how you will present to the HOME PLANET your explorations and findings about sound and communications.
  5. Look into the Glossary panel to find out links that will help you with your search on how each invention was used for communications. What was the driving motivation that made each one possible? What problems did they have to overcome?
  6. Perform as many of the hands-on explorations as you go along the search, so you can justify your explanations and have "proof" when you are done, showing all the evidence and information on objects, models, posters, or through plays. Your home planet citizens are eager to learn from you! Make sure to check yoru Home Planet Panel for their expectations and great ideas!

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Your Mission

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