Serving the planet for 4.5 billion years Satisfies Science Content Standard Grade 7, 3d

One of the new critters found in the rain forest

The Jason Project has made an unexpected discovery during one of their expeditions to the rain forest. They have found six new species of animals. Although the species are geographically isolated from each other and do not interbreed, scientists think they might have a common ancestor. In order to determine what adaptations the critters underwent in order to survive in their different habitats, the scientists are trying to determine out how the species are related to each other.

The Jason Project has discovered a cluster of new critters in the Rain Forest! And they want you to do them a big favor. They want to know how each of the six new species might be related to each other, and they want a diagram using shared derived characteristics to illustrate the relationships between the critters. Can you help The Jason Project with their request?

Questions you might have:

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