Show what you know!

So you think you understand how to make a cladogram? Prove it by doing one of the following tasks!

Research a group of organisms and present a cladogram showing how they are related. You could chose "big cats" or "marine invertebrates." Or you could show human evolution by researching potential human ancestors such as Homo habilis or "Lucy."

Take household objects and think of a way they could have evolved from a common ancestor. You may take toasters, irons and vacuum cleaners; you may take things found in the tool box. You will have to decide on what the ancestor looked like. Was it a complex organism that moved into a habitat and began to lose some of its specialized functions? Was it a simple organism whose ancestors needed to evolve special structures in order to survive? In the case of the tool box, you may decide a simple nail was the ancestor, and all the larger nails, screws and rings evolved from it; you may decide a washer was the ancestral state and that all the other objects underwent some sort of contortion during their evolutionary history.

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