1. Have you completed allparts of the project?

2. Will your cousin beconvinced that earthquakes do happen in California, but he canstill come and safely visit?

3. Did you workcooperatively with other members of your team? Did all members ofthe team contribute equally?

4. Was your presenationeffective? How did your peers grade you?


Will your cousin have athorough understanding of earthquakes? What have you learned inthe process of trying to inform your cousin?


1. What went well for yourgroup? What didn't go well?

2. Tell about some newcomputer skills that you use.

3. Was working in a groupbetter for learning? Would you have rather worked alone?

4. Would you do any partof the unit differently? Would you change your presentation?

5. What grade would yougive yourself? What grade would you give your group overall?

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