Eerie Earthquakes


Dear Cousin,

I've just heard some great news. My family and I are coming to visit you this summer in California. My mom and dad said we're going to visit many exciting places all over California while staying with you for one month. We're planning on visiting Disneyland, Yosemite National Park, SanFrancisco, Sea World in San Diego, and Mt. Lassen. I'm very excited accept that I've read about California being the "Earthquake State." I'm a bit nervous to visit. What if there's an earthquake there while we're visiting? I've heard that earthquakes can be very destructive and people can get hurt. Do you live in a part of California where earthquakes happen? Do earthquakes happen in the places that we plan to visit? Earthquakes are very scary to me. How do you prepare for an earthquake andwhat do you do when one happens?

I would feel much better if you could send me moreinformation about earthquakes and earthquake safety. I want to know what causes earthquakes, where and when they can happen and everything you can find out for me. In fact, can you tell me if they can occur in my state

I'm looking forward to seeing you this summer,especially after getting the information on earthquakes.

Your favorite cousin,


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