Notes to the Teacher

Eerie Earthquakesis an open-ended cooperative learning activity. It islargely based on second earth science. It is primarily a tool toreinforce part of a conceptual unit about the Changing Earth. Theunit is based on the California State Framework and supports thenew state standards. The following science concepts arereinforced in this unit:

Plate Tectonics and Earth's Structure

Plate tectonics explains important features of the Earth's surface and major geologic events. as the basis for understanding this concept students should know:

Please have other resources available for students as suggested in the learning advice page.

You may choose to add field trips to the experience depending on where you live.

When evaluating student performance, by teacher, self and peers, use what is in place in your classroom. Students better understand their evaluation if consistent with current grading system. However a rubric for self-evaluation is effective for students when creating standards level work.

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