How Did You Do?
    Assess the quality of your research investigation.
Did you reach one of these levels or go above and beyond the experts?


Level      Yearly Salary
Scientific Researcher First Class

Presentation piece has excellent visuals and text.  Includes graphs, charts, diagrams and pictures.  Thoughts and data are clearly and concisely presented.   Final product is neat, well written, complete, colorful, accurate and strongly supported by scientific data.

$80,000 to $100,000
Scientific Researcher Associate 

Presentation has good visual aids and text.  It includes graphs, charts and diagrams.  Thoughts and data are mostly clear and correct.  Final product is neat, well written, and well supported by scientific evidence.

  $40,000 to  $50,000
Research Assistant 

Presentation has some visuals (graphs, charts).  Thoughts and data are not completely clear and correct.
Final product is adequate but not well developed and may not be supported by scientific evidence.

  $20,000 to $25,000
Lab Aide

Incomplete presentation.  Many errors based on inaccurate scientific facts.  Final presentation is disorganized and sloppy.  Missing or very few visuals or diagrams. 


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