In the following activity you (your group) will be responsible for one or more patient diagnosis, check with your teacher to be sure. Below you will find the charts of your patients. You will examine the signs and symptoms and using the DIAGNOSIS CHART come to a preliminary diagnosis. After the preliminary diagnosis has been made, you will go to the RESOURCE PAGE and be able to link to various sites that will help you to confirm your diagnosis and answer the following for each patient you have examined: (To help you, fill out a DOCTOR NOTES page. This will be turned in along with your project.)


1. Describe the causes of the disorder. Which gland is the problem? What problem is the gland having? Is the problem caused by genetics, diet, the environment, or something else?

2. What signs and symptoms helped to determine the disorder?

3. What is the duration of the disorder?

4. What treatment options are available for a person with this disorder. 

5. Are there ways of preventing the disorder?

6. What is the prognosis for a person living with this disorder?

7. Are the levels of hormones in the patient hyper or hypo? Give examples (i.e. blood test results) and explain.

8. How does the imbalance of hormones effect homeostasis and the negative feedback system?

Patient A
Patient B
Patient C
Patient D
Patient E

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