In working with the endocrine glands, the reproductive glands are often shown as part of the system. Please be aware that some sites may include pictures or are a click away from the reproductive glands.



Biology/Life Sciences

9. As a result of the coordinated structures and functions of organ systems, the internal environment of the human body remains relatively stable (homeostasis), despite changes in the outside environment. As a basis for understanding this concept, students know:

09life9c. how feedback loops in the nervous and endocrine systems regulate conditions within the body.

09life9i. *how hormones provide internal feedback mechanisms for homeostasis at the cellular level and

in whole organisms.


Investigation and Experimentation

1. Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations. As a basis for understanding this concept, and to address the content the four other strands, students, should develop their own questions and perform investigations. Students will:

09iexx1d. formulate explanations using logic and evidence.

09iezz1m. investigate a science-based societal issue by researching the literature, analyzing data, and communicating the findings.




This activity could be used as a survey of the endocrine system. The class could be divided into groups of 2-4 students and each group is assigned a different patient. Before researching their patients, have the students first create and complete the endocrine system chart, as described on the activity page.

Try to get groups with the same patient to do different project methods, from SHOW YOUR STUFF, (i.e. for groups with patient A, one group could do the brochure and another could do the skit). Each student, along with their group presentation should also be required to turn in their DOCTOR NOTES {this page can be printed and copied beforehand} and the endocrine system chart.

Students can help in the grading of theirs and others projects. In their own groups have them grade themselves and their peers in participation and using the guidelines from HOW DID YOU DO?

give a suggestion on their own project and other groups project’s presentations.

Suggested timeline for this activity:

Day(s) 1-2~Computer time

Day(s) 3-4~Preparation time for projects {could be assigned as homework}

Day(s) 5-6~Presentations

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