Your team of four will work together to produce a video about genetically engineered foods.  First, you will need to learn more about the topic.


1.  Decide which area of this subject each of you will throughly research. The jobs are:


    Scientist at Genentech

    USDA Produce Inspector

    Expert on the World Food Shortage       

2.  Use the links in the resource area to investigate your topic.   Work with others who have the same job you do. 

3.  Return to your original group and make a presentation of at least 10 minutes to your group.  Your group is counting on you to teach them about your area of expertise.  You will need to make a poster including diagrams for your presentation.  You will hand in your poster at the end of this unit.

4.  In your group, decide what the most important facts are which should be included in your documentary.  Write the script. Film the movie.  The time slot we have to fill is 15 minutes.  Use all of the time wisely.  Each member of your team needs to speak in the video.