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Now that you have taken a rocket tour of a living liver cell, you are aware of how similar it is to a town or city. You and your partner must now select a single cell organelle from the following list and complete the following directions. Be sure and register your organelle selection with your teacher so that you are the only team reporting on your organelle.

1. Review the  Resources  and learn as much about your organelle as possible in the time given by your teacher. 

2. Prepare a 1-3 minute oral report or presentation on your organelle including the following:

    a. Organelle name.

    b. Sketch of city analogy using computer draw or paint program or HyperCard. (This will be a building or structure.)
Be prepared to explain why you chose this structure.

    c. Purpose of the organelle in the cell.

    d. Is this structure present in both plant and animal cells?

  Cell Organelles (choose one)

Cell Membrane Mitochondria
Cell Wall Nucleus
Cytoplasm DNA
Endoplasmic Reticulum RNA
Ribosomes Nucleolus
Golgi Bodies Lysosomes
Chloroplasts Vacuole
Nuclear Membrane Protoplasm
Proteins Chromosomes


  Suggested City Analogies
(you can think of your own too!)

City border City Hall
Original Blueprints Rolled up blueprints
Copy machine Lawns
Air or atmosphere Lumber or brick yard
Lumber or bricks City Hall Fence with security guard
City Wall Warehouses, water tower, garbage dumps
Solar Energy Plants Energy Plants
Post Office or UPS Waste Disposal/ Recyclers
Highway or road system Copies of Blueprints


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