Background Information
      Alien Invaders
     Gambling with our Inheritance
      Depleting Life's Diversity
     Changing the Rules of the Game
     Of Pests and Preserves
     What are non indigenous aquatic species?
     Invasive Species Home Page good summary plus links
     National Park Service Natural Resources Exotic Species Overview definition of terms

Non-Native Plants and Animals
     The Dirty Dozen
     Alien Species Movies Gallery
     EXOTIC INTRODUCTIONS (good place to go for how do they get here)
     MetroActive News & Issues | Alien Plants
     Photographs, Distribution Maps, and Other Visual Resources by Species
     Invasive Non indigenous Plants of Florida
     Scientific American: Explore!: Costly Interlopers: February 15, 1999
     Environment News: Alien Species Cost U.S. $123 Billion A Year
     Non indigenous Reptiles
     Non indigenous Fish
     Non indigenous fishes by drainage (6-digit HUC) California
     Non indigenous fish drainages in the Northwest (need Java)
     Non indigenous Fish Charts and Graphs
     Non indigenous Amphibians
     Non indigenous Mammals
     Non indigenous Ferns
     USGS Scientists Find New Invasive Fish Species in Florida
     Atlantic salmon now reproducing on the Pacific coast
     Invasive Alien Species - Species  terrestrial/land plants/animals
     Invasive Alien Species - Geography
     Some Non indigenous Aquatic Species of Concern several examples
     Scientific American: Ask the Experts e-mail
What You Can Do to Help
     Containing the Invasion
     Shared Responsibilities
     Safeguarding Our Heritage  *
     What You Can Do to Help
     Problems with the Release of Exotic Fish
     Dear Colleague (write a letter to government officials addressing the invasion of exotic species)
     Invasive Alien Species - Organizations
     Additional Internet Resources  LOTS of links!!!