Scavenger Hunt

 1.  Define the following  terms:
    a.  alien species

    b.  control

    c.  ecosystem

    d.  introduction

    e.  invasive species

    f.  native species

    g.  species

2.  Aliens in the U.S./America
    a.  What is the number of non indigenous plantsresiding in the U.S.?

    b.  What is the number of non indigenous animalsresiding in the U.S.?

    c.  How do alien species arrive in the U.S.?

    d.  Are all non-native species undesirable?

3.  How much do invasive species cost the U.S. annually (yearly)? __________

4.  How are ecosystems transformed by invasive species?

5.  What are three hard-hit ecosystems in the U.S.?

6.  What are synonyms for the word, exotic?