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(Valles Marineris compared to the US. The red square is SAM)

Student Activities

    Work with one or two other student geologists so you can share the work and function as a team. Your goal is use the resources to "study up" about landslides on the earth and then, using photos, identify them on the surface of Mars. You need to fulfill the needs of the Settlement Association of Mars by identifying these features.

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  Here is an outline to get you started

  1. Go to the   Settlement Association of Mars  page and find out exactly what the S.A.M. wants.
  2. Go to the Team Page and get yourselves organized.
  3. Go to Resources and study the provided tutorials on geologic processes.
  4. Examine the earth photos to become familiar with various geologic features of landslides.
  5. When your ready, go to the Surface of Mars page to view the Martian Photos.
  6. Examine Mars photos closely and identify the landslides and construct simple Township/Range maps to map your finds.
  7. Go to Test Yourself to see how you did.
  8. Go to Planetary Geologist Rating to see how you rate.
  9. If you have specific "intelligent" questions use "Ask a Geologist" to help you.
  10. Create a geologic journal (paper or electronic) to record ALL your findings.