Landslides on the Earth
(Part II)

washfig17.GIF (25720 bytes) Debris flow WA USGS.jpg (19608 bytes) Madison Canyon LS USGS.jpg (9995 bytes)
Landslides combine with debris flow to move roads Debris flow can cover everything Sometimes whole valleys can be filled.
McClure Pass CO USGS.jpg (15700 bytes) washfig9.gif (27138 bytes) Slumgullion CO USGS.jpg (10170 bytes)
Highways don't stand a chance. This flow cleaned out a path for itself. This flow extended for miles.
washfig16.GIF (24179 bytes) washfig12.GIF (23596 bytes) wash1.gif (24686 bytes)
The landslide in the center started it all. Houses can be swept off of their foundations This movement went "Out to Sea"

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