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(Sunrise on the Red Planet)
Welcome to Mars
The Settlement Association of Mars

    Greeting from the Citizens of Mars. The Settlement Association of Mars in cooperation with the Independent States of Mars has instituted the Mars Terraforming Project. This planetary program has successfully introduced carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapor into the Martian atmosphere. These gases will eventually warm the planet, support life as we know it and add humidity to our desert world.
    Although it will many years for the total terraforming effect to influence our world, we of the Association feel the need for a planetary geologic survey. As our planet warms above the freezing point of water, the Martian permafrost will melt and rejuvenate ancient watertables. Additionally, the warming of the planet will increase cloud cover and eventually create rain. These effects are welcome but, could cause severe catastrophic events.

    You and your team will use photos to identify landslides on the surface of Mars. Additionally, you will construct  simple geologic maps showing the location of these landslides.

    We at the Association are depending on you and your team , without this important geologic information we could face disastrous events that could destroy our budding civilization.

Good Luck and Thanks