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Mars Geological Survey
A Earth Science Lesson in Geology & Astronomy for Grades 6-12
William Murray

    Your dream has finally been realized. Your team is going to explore a new world: Mars. You have been hired by the Settlement Association of Mars to complete the first geologic survey of the red planet. In this survey you are to find, identify, and map  landslides on the Red  Planet.
    Terraforming of the planet has increased the concentration of the planet’s atmosphere as well as increased the temperature. The citizens of the S.A.M. are concerned about the melting permafrost and its effect on their new civilization. The increase in the liquid ground water of the planet could renew river drainage, cause debris flows, create landslide, and even promote movement along faults.
    As a Planetary Geologist you need to examine photos of areas of Mars and identify and map ancient geologic landslides. The best place to get started is the Team Page. Good Luck