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Welcome to the Resources Page

     On this page you can learn about landslides; look at landslides and mass wasting movements found on earth; research topics; use the Glossary and search the photos of the surface of Mars for landslides. Remember the SAM needs you to identify the landslides on their planet.

Plan of Attack:

  1. Use the Tutorials below to learn more about landslides and mass wasting. Check out the "Sites of Interest" section for even more info.

  2. Take a look at the Landslides in the Earth Photos. Pay close attention to the scarp at the head of a landslide and the hummocky toe. When you view the actual Martian slides you will only have a view from above, so think about how the slides would look from a "bird's eye view".

  3. When you think you are ready, go to the Mars Photos

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What are Landslides and how identify them?    

More information on Landslides               Glossary of Geologic Terms                      

 Landslide Identification on Mars               What are Slope Failures?                   

What you should know about the dangers of  Landslides.     


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Landslide Photos

Earth Landslide Photos                              Mars Landslide Photos


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Sites of Interest

USGS Geologic Hazards

Liquid Earth

California Division of Mines & Geology