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Teacher's Corner

Student Investigation  Goals and Objectives



   The Mars Geologic Survey is an cooperative learning activity that will familiarize students with geologic processes that take place on both Mars and the Earth. The investigative process is just as important as the end product. Students will use the resources including the tutorials and earth photos to learn about mass wasting processes. They will then apply that knowledge to identify the same type of geologic features on Mars.

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Students need to: 

  1. Learn what the Mars Settlement Association (the teacher) wants.
  2. Study the provided tutorials on geologic processes.
  3. Examine the earth photos to become familiar with various geologic features
    of landslides.
  4. Examine Mars photos and identify these same geologic features.
  5. Construct a simple Township/Range map to show their finds.
  6. Use the supplied key to determine their "Planetary Geologist Rating"

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