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(Valles Marineris)

Team Page

    You are to use a tutorial to help you understand geologic hazards then use photos to identify landslides on the surface of Mars. You then must show your knowledge by drawing simple geologic maps identifying the landslides on each photo. Here are a few helpful hints to help your team maximize productivity.

  1. Review what the Settlement Association wants.
  2. Organize a team "To Do" list to make your examination of the photos more efficient.
  3. Pay attention to the geographical location of the landslides, sketch accurate maps.
  4. Organize a presentation with maps that will impress the Settlement Association of Mars members.
  5. Use the Glossary to further your understanding of Geologic Terms.
  6. Organize a plan of attack to maximize your efforts. How you plan on presenting will affect your search.
  7. Your teacher will have ideas on how your group can work cooperatively.