Clue Sheet

Your team will use the Internet to unscramble the following clues leading to the capture of the guilty microbe. To gain promotion from Rookie Detective to Senior Detective, it is very important that you keep careful records of your findings by writing them down. If you do not understand any of the terms used here, see the Glossary.
  • This suspect is a simple, single-celled fungus. A close friend told us that he was seen entering the corner bakery. It smelled like bread baking.____________________

  • This suspect, a eukaryote, was identified as answering to the name "Ms. Protist" and talking about a nucleus controlling her life.____________________

  • This suspect was described as being all covered up in hair-like threads called flagella. She was last seen moving through the water at high speed.____________________

  • This suspect is single celled, small, and was last seen blooming buds.____________________

  • This suspect was once nicknamed "blue-green algae." The eyewitness observed this supect releasing oxygen into the atmosphere of early Earth.____________________

  • This suspect was observed loitering around a cutting board waiting for her friend "raw food" to touch the surface used to prepare chicken sandwiches.____________________

  • This suspect was described as resembling a pill box with two overlapping halves. He responds to the call of "sandy silica."____________________

  • The mug sheet on this suspect reads like this: single cell, has a real nucleus, and is usually seen hanging around the watery scene.____________________

  • This suspect, a.k.a. diatomaceous earth, resembles a coarse, powdery material whose hangouts include swimming pool filters and your toothpaste.____________________

  • This suspect was seen leaving an enclosed vat of grape juice. The smell of fermentation was distinct.____________________

  • An eyewitness said this suspect was large enough to be seen as a speck swimming in pond water, but closer examination under a compound microscope showed her to have a "slipper-shaped" body.____________________

  • An informer claims that the undercover name for this suspect is "salmonellosis," which stands for the illness caused by her every touch.____________________

  • This suspect, whose ancestors "invented" oxygen-making over 3 billion years ago, was observed in water busily engaged in his favorite activity - photosynthesis.____________________

  • An informer claims to have found this suspect's hideout! She claims she spotted the suspect in eggs, raw milk and orange juice, at the pet store in the reptile cages, and even in the feces from chicken and turkey.____________________

Name the Culprit!____________________

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