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You will work with 2-3 other members.


Team #1. Ecologists. 1. Identify specific species that inhabit this mountain area. These organisms must be part of a real food web (Link #1). In other words, they must be able to use each other to gain energy. You must include species names and 3 unique features from each of the following tropic levels (Link #2): 5 primary producers, 4 primary consumers, 3 secondary consumers, 2 decomposers (Image data under Coloma Images: Animals and Plants and Coloma Image Descriptions)

Team #2. Wildlife Biologists. Find all known threatened or endangered species (Link #3) that inhabit the park (minimum of 3). This includes animals (insects, reptiles, amphibians and mammals) that are permanent or seasonal and plants. Why are they endangered? Is the land use history a factor that could have contributed to the problem? (See resource page)


Team #3. Engineers. What specific types of mining have happened to Marshall Gold Discovery's past? Why was each of these used? What simple machines functioned in each type of mining? How did each type of mining impact the environment? Also, how were simple machines used in Sutter's sawmill? (Image data in Coloma: Mining and Mining Docs) (See Resource Page)


Team #4. Geologists. What are 5 kinds of rocks and 5 kinds of minerals in the Marshall Gold Discovery area? Give the precise descriptions of each. Describe the geologic processes that form gold deposits. What are the specific properties of gold? What makes it so valuable and useful? Why was Marshall Gold Discovery a good geologic location to find gold? (Images from Coloma: Geology/river) (See Resource Page)
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