Team Page

When you work with your team, divide the work up equally.

The following are typical roles within a team effort.

Leader: This is the major organizer of the effort. The leader makes sure the group stays on task and stays focused and follows a research plan. This person asssumes the role of any other missing person in the group.

Recorder: This person is in charge of keeping accurate records of all data collected. The team relies on the recorder for records and data analysis (charts, graphs, and other visual data.)

Report Writer/Safety: This person insures that a high quality written report is turned in at the time of the presentation. Also, when experimental work needs to be done, this person is in charge of making sure all safety procedures are followed.

Materials/Computer Technician: This person is responsible for taking care of all materials used. Correct usage, care and proper return are very important. This person is the primary computer operator.

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