Show Your Work
Some suggestions for your final presentation.

A. Scientific Teams - Select from the list below, OR create your own project.

Role play a community meeting. What would happen to your wreck if coastal development like a resort or boat marina was proposed. Debate opposing sides.

Prepare a recovery plan for artifacts from the ship.

Graph high and low tides for a month, and explain when the ship could best be viewed.

Do a field observation of tides. Observe, record, and report high and low tide levels, and water and wind conditions.

Prepare a press release and/or give an interview about your findings for the media.

Make a poster, written/oral report, video tape, multimedia project (Hyperstudio or Director).

Check out how your work could be assessed in Evaluation?


B. Writing Teams - Select from the list below, OR create your own project.

Write a poem about the sea and a mystery ship

Write a newspaper article about the phantom ship on the California coast

Make up or retell a legend about a phantom ship. Tell it orally, or act it as a play, with costumes, sound effects, a simple set.

Create a board game, like the "Flying Dutchman" game, for the class members to play.

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