Voyages and Pilgrimages!

Pick a Voyage or Pilgrimage to take! You can do an on-line simulation or you can pick one of a number of possible voyages & pilgramages using the off-line version.

See RULES on how to proceed if you wish to do the voyage or pilgrimage OFF-LINE as a group simulation. Note: If you would rather do an ON-LINE version of this simulation, click HERE !. The on-line version is very new and is different than the hands-on version, and needs no beans, bags, maps, and all the rest descibed in the rules and set up for the OFF-LINE version.

The off-line version is for large groups to "experience" an epidemic simulation. The on-line version doesn't show as well the epidemic dynamics that the off-line version can exhibit, but it may be interesting in its own way! If you participate in the on-line version as a student, Professor Entz and I would like you to e-mail your results. You may take as many journeys as you wish with the on-line version!

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