There are a number of possibilities, but most probably you will die within 72 hours!

Here are some of the early symptoms of the disease: Swollen lymph glands under the arms and the throat. A red swelling with a ring on the neck (hence the children's song "Ring around the rosey!") internal bleeding, pneumonia and liquid in the lungs, soreness throughout the body, fever, followed by death.

To determine your fate, roll two dice. If and only if you get snake eyes (two ones) will you survive to continue on your journey. Any other roll means that you succumbed to this deadly disease. Remember that during this period of time, the 1300's, over a third of all of Europe's population was eliminated by the Black Plague. It took until the 1800's before Europe regained the pre-Plague population. As you are "dying", prepare a postcard which is about some of the towns you visited and how it felt to find out you were sick and dying. WRITE about your experiences. If you have succumbed, then you next---->>>Go To: Learning & Writing About The Plague

If you died early in the voyage, you can try again. Write to me and let me know how many days you lasted: write to cwisnia@mcn.org. Let me know how you felt about this simulation.