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 What Can You Do With Water?

This lesson will teach students the properties and uses of water.

Activity 1:(Click here to view CA Science Standards Addressed by this activity)


By yourself:

1. In your water journal, write down 10 things you use water for every day.

2. Write 10 more uses of water.

3. Pick 5 uses of water from each list.

With a partner:

4. Share your top ten uses of water with a partner.

5. Narrow you list down to the five most important uses of water.

With the whole class:

6. Share your five most important uses of water with the whole class.

a. Create a class list of the most important uses of water on chart paper

b. What are most commonly thought of uses of water?

c. What uses of water surprised you?

Check what you know:

Take the USGS' Water Properties Quiz

Vocabulary and Terms to Know:

The Properties of Water

Glossary: The Importance of Water to Life

Clickable Water Mind Map

Properties of Water: List of Terms (Mind Maps)

Key Concepts About Water


Whole Class

Brainstorm a list of what you want to know about water. Put the ideas in the form of questions on chart paper and hang it on the wall.

Cooperative Groups

Divide the class into groups of 3-4 students

Tips for creating cooperative groups

Student roles in cooperative groups

? Each group will choose one question from the chart you created to investigate.

Each group will create a project to share their information with the whole class.

Places to go for information:

Ralph Prices' Water PowerPoint

The Importance of Water

Water for Life Gallery (Virtual Field Trip)

USGS' Water Basics

USGS' Earth's Water

USGS' Special Water Topics

Things to Do:

USGS' Water Activity Center

USGS' Water Questions and Answers

USGS' Water Galleries (Pictures, Maps)

Share what you have learned with others.

Choose one of these activities:

Create a multimedia project to show what you have learned about water.

Multimedia Project Rubric

Use a word processing program to write a report of information about what you have learned about water. Be sure to include pictures, maps, charts and graphs, and other graphic resources. Remember to include a complete bibliography.

Report of Information Rubric

Create a three-fold brochure to educate your community about the importance of clean water.

Brochure Rubric



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