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Activity 2: Why is Our Water Polluted, and What Can We Do About It?

California Science Content Standards Met By This Activity

For this activity the class may work in collaborative teams, as partners or individually. Each team, partnership or student should choose one of the following four questions to investigate. After doing the research and/or experiments, each group, partnership or student will report what they have learned to the class.
(Teacher note: make sure all all questions are investigated.)
Choose one of these four questions to investigate:
Remember to keep complete notes in your journal. Make sure you write down all the bibliographical information.
1. How does water pollution affect you?
Where does our Water Go?
Water Pollution
2. Why must we filter our drinking water?
Do at least one experiment found at these web sites.
Remember to use the scientific method.


3. Why might you not want to swim in the rivers, creeks, lakes, and bays?
Read at least two of the following:
Non point Source Pollution: The Nation's Largest Water Quality Problem
The Quality of Our Nation's Water
Water Drops Web Site
4. How can you stop water pollution?
Read at least two of the following:
Environmental Protection Agency Information
Watershed Management Program
Give Water a Hand (What you can do in your community)
Water Education from the Environmental Protection Agency
Water Dowsing
Present to the class what you have learned using one of the following presentation methods.
Write and perform a skit dramatizing the information you learned.
Write a movie script and video tape your movie.
Your movie could:
Include live actors
Involve animation
Be a digital movie
Involve claymation
Involve puppets
Write a script for and put on a puppet show.
Give an oral report.
Do a multimedia presentation.
Write and perform a song about what you have learned.
Write and read a poem about what you have learned
Evaluation Rubric for oral activities

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