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 Water Art and Poetry

(This unit address the CA Language Arts Content Standards, and is best used when a thematic approach to instruction is used. )

What emotions, dreams and thoughts do you have when you see oceans, rivers, creeks, lakes and bays?

Activity 3: (Click here to view CA Language Arts Standards addressed by this activity)


What have artists thought about water?

Research: With a partner, look at the links below. Find one painting, about water that you both like. Bookmark the painting and the poem and carefully write the URL's in your water pollution journals or electronic journal file.

 Collections and Museums

Yahooligans Museums and Galleries Marine Art Information Center Yellowstone Pools and Basins by William Jackson
Yahooligans Painting Master Prints Gallery Mark Vinsel's Paintings of His Favorite Fishing Spots
Yahooligans Artists Art and Ecology  Santa Domingo, by Pizzaro
 The Smithsonian Institution Office of Imaging, Printing, and Photographic Services The National Gallery  Falls of Kaaterskil, by
Thomas Cole
Water Art by the Students of Idalina High School in Sao Paulo, Brazil The Mill, by Rembrandt

Take a good look at the painting you and your partner chose. In your water pollution journal:

Write as many words as you can to describe the painting. Include color words, shape words, feelings, action words, mood words, names of objects,what is happening in the painting, etc. Be VERY descriptive.

Write a clear description of your picture in your journal . Describe it in exact detail in a paragraph.

Give your description another group (BUT DO NOT SHOW THEM THE PICTURE). Ask them to:

First draw the picture from your description

Then, when they have finished drawing the painting you described, find your painting on the Internet (from the links above)

While they are drawing and finding your picture, draw their painting from their description.

When you are done drawing the picture find the original on the Internet from the links listed above.

When you are done, in your journal, write a poem about the painting you chose. Read your poem to your class

What have poets thought about water?

Use Yahooligans Poetry to find a poem you like about water.

Draw a picture of the poem. If you have a draw or paint program available on your computer try creating your picture in that program.

Think about how the poets view of water might have been different if he or she were writing about polluted water.

Write a poem about water pollution in your journal. Describe how polluted water makes your feel. What things can you not do in or with polluted water? How does pollution affect animals and plants.? At the end of your poem offer a suggestion for how to stop people from polluting our water.

Read your poem outloud to your class.


What is your relationship with water?

Think about the importance of water in your life. How do you and your family use water every day.? What do you enjoy doing with water?

Write a five paragraph essay about your personal relationship with water. In the first paragraph describe the importance of water to you and your family. In the second paragraph tell about something you enjoy doing with or in water for recreation. In the third paragraph tell about what would happen if the water you and your family use every day were polluted. In the fourth paragraph describe what you would or would not do if the water you use for recreation were polluted. In the fifth paragraph describe how you can prevent the water you use from becoming polluted.

Report of Information Rubric

Illustrate your story. If you have a draw or paint program available on your computer try to use it to illustrate your story.

Visual Arts Rubric


How can art and poetry help prevent water pollution?

Using the products you have created in your journals for this activity do one of the following:


Make a poster to advertise to people why they shouldn't pollute the water, and giving suggestions of things they can to stop water pollution.

Visual Arts Rubric


Create a multimedia project to advertise to people why they shouldn't pollute the water, and giving suggestions of things they can to stop water pollution.

Multimedia Project Rubric

Write an newspaper article about water pollution and how it affects your community. Give suggestions on how to prevent water pollution.

Report of Information Rubric

Write and perform a song about water pollution, telling what causes it, how it affects people, and how we can prevent it.

Oral Presentation Rubric

Write and perform a skit about water pollution that shows how people pollute the water, why they shouldn't pollute it, and how they can stop pollution.

Oral Presentation Rubric


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