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WaterPollution Activities

 California Content Standards Met by This Unit
 Teachers: Check this page before starting this unit.

Topics of discussion at this conference will be:

Activity One:What can you do with water?

Activity Two:Why is our water polluted, and what can we do about it?

Activity Three: How can we use art, writing and poetry to stop water pollution? (Note: This activity aligns with the Language Arts Standards)

Activity Four: How can we compare our information with information from other places?

Other Things You Can Do

Do this Water Pollution Scavenger Hunt Activity

Other Suggested Activities

Water Watch Project
Click on the above link and try the activities in the Water Watch Project. You can share your data using their site, view water information data posted by schools around the world, participate in discussions, and explore the many resources linked from their site.
Water Quality Monitoring
Monitory a local stream, bay, or river. Share your data with the Environmental Protection Agency.
Use the Water Watch Project site to try their World Wide Web Hunt

Try the Environmental Protection Agency's Surf Your Watershed

Check out some online projects you can join.

Note: With your teacher, please review your school's acceptable use policy for work on the Internet. Also, links to the Web often change. Tell your teacher when you find a poor link in this guide.

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