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Create a Multimedia Project

Multimedia Projects

Possible Media and Computer Applications:
(Hints on how to choose a medium)
Hardware needs

How to get started on your multimedia project:

1. Decide on the project

  • Define the project in your own words:
    • What will your product be?
    • What medium or application will you use?
    • Why did you choose this product and medium?
    • What information must you include in your project?
    • Who will your audience be? (Who will see your project?)
    • What is your purpose?
      • Teach a lesson or concept
      • Share what you have learned
      • Pitch a concept or idea

2. Draft time frame

  • When is the final project due?
  • Make a check list to show when each part of the project is due

3. Plan activities

  • Decide what jobs need to be done to complete your project.
  • Decide which jobs each team member will be responsible for.
  • Do the research first:
    • Take complete notes
    • Make a list of resources for you bibliography
      • What books did you use--include Author, Title, Publisher & Date
      • What web sites did you use--include Author(webmaster), Title, URL, Date
      • What pictures of graphics will you use--include the above bibliographical information AND write or email for permission.
      • What sound files will you use--Be sure to use either public domain, royalty free or self-created music OR write or email music company for permission to use their music.
  • Make an outline of what information you will include in your final project.
    • Include information, pictures and graphics, music, and voice over (what you will self-record to tell about your project)
  • Write a rough draft (Report of Information)
  • Create a storyboard

4. Plan for assessment

5. Begin project
6. Finish project and

Multimedia project resources for teachers:

Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project Guides

Project Based Learning and Multimedia Summer Institute

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